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Home page to a vision of the future where Humankind survives and evolves, without destroying everything around it. Understanding the Instructions is the first read that I strongly recommend before diving into the project. This is crucial to understanding its nature, what its goals are, and what not to expect of it.

Go see How to navigate to see how this project works, how each page is organized, how to read it. Also, indications on how to use the FedWiki format on Site navigation.

If you want to participate in this project, or if you see something that you know about, go see the How to contribute page. Same thing if you think I am wrong in my projections and have arguments.

My name is Daniel Goriounov. I am the assembler of this vision.

To see the contributors, connexions, partners, go at Contributors. You will also find everything connected with the development of FedWiki and its community there

To suggest things to read, watch, listen,... fork Temporary ressource and add urls with descriptions when possible. I will go check them. You can also fork specific pages and do it on that fork

Below we list recent changes to this site only without also listing changes from the Neighbourhood:

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